Baby Massage

Baby massage is a form of loving communication between parent and child which fosters trust and bonding. Touch is a very powerful sense in newborns and provides an effective way of ?talking’ to your baby. It can open an in-depth knowing of your child and may aid your baby’s growing confidence.

Baby massage is generally taught in groups although some practitioners may offer individual sessions. Over a series of 4-6 weeks you will learn simple techniques to relax your baby and specific strokes that mother’s report may help with congestion, colic, gas and teething.

Massage has a very soothing effect on your baby and may help to improve their digestion and elimination. It is also thought to aid their muscular co-ordination, posture and flexibility in preparation for crawling. By helping your baby to relax it may promote longer, sounder sleep and decrease the production of stress hormones. For mothers with post-natal depression it can be a very positive experience and may increase their sense of bonding with their child.